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What is the reason for the poor condition of stray dogs in India?

What is the reason for the poor condition of stray dogs in India?

We feel a bit sad about the stray dogs roaming around Indian streets and the conditions under which they survive, live and thrive. But we can do our part to assist them, but we'd prefer to be more involved. We want to assist at the national level, but it isn't feasible due to resources. Please join us in this great initiative.

Perception of people

The majority of people view stray dogs as a danger and threat. It is just because some circumstances where dog bites cause people to get angry at animals that are straying and then keep them all in the same box. They don't realize that dogs don't bite unless provoked by pain, illness or discomfort. When you look at it from this view, dogs that roam around are more trustworthy and loyal and protect the surroundings in which they reside.

Homeless paws

In Delhi, the streets are filled with dogs that have wandered off. They can be found at every roadside. Apart from dehydration and starvation, they are also victims of cruelty done by humans. While walking through urban areas, you might encounter a dog sleeping on the pavement and then discover that it's dead.

We should do something to save them:

  • Adopt not shop - Instead of buying the foreign breed; try to adopt one stray dog.
  • Feed the stray dog - We can feed the stray dogs who are wandering nearby our locality.
  • Avoid cruelty - It is noted sometimes they get harmed and someone throwing stones at them. So, we should avoid it.
  • Educate people - Try to be aware the people about the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

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