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10 dog products that make pet parenting easier

The arrival of the furry four-legged dog to your home is a great reason for the new parents to head straight for the pet shop and purchase the essentials which will contribute to your dog’s comfort and relaxed life. The Essential-Kit should comprise of the below-mentioned items that make pet parenting easier.

  1. All In One Leash

A dog-harness assists in eliminating the pressure collars exert on the neck of the dog. If a dog wearing the collar pulls itself, the tension that builds up around the neck could alter the breathing rhythm. But a harness assists in evenly dispersing this force across the chest or backside that the pet’s backside. A harness that has two distinct points of attachment that one at the chest and one behind, the owner to easily handle the pet’s owner, but also limits pulling, and helps the dog learn to walk with its master.

  • Tick and Flea Powder

In the majority of cases, it is tick and flea infestation. These creatures can cause intense  scratching  and even hair loss in the pets.  Altressa  Powder is an ayurvedic  disinfectant  powder  having  the goodness  and essence  of Neem and Eucalyptus. The anti-fungal properties from Neem soothe the redness of the skin as  well  as  itching.  On  the  other  hand,  Eucalyptus  offers  germicidal  properties which  repel  ticks,  fleas and  even  lice.  The  powder  has  a pleasing  sandalwood fragrance that keeps the pets refreshed for a long time. Altressa Powder fortifies the skin’s overall immunity keeping infections and skin diseases a bay.

  • Chocker Fully Padded Harness

If you own a large to medium-sized dog who is reluctant to buckle up in other harnesses and is prone to back out of other harnesses, it is recommended that the Chocker Fully Padded Harness. The belly and chest straps ensure that dogs are properly secured. It is designed for active dogs as well as canines that are canine adventure buddies.

  • Chew Toys

Chew toys are a great choice for your pet. They also aid in helping your dog learn to redirect his attention away from items in the house like shoes, slippers and furniture. This is the top-quality chew toy that is made of healthy, digestible natural materials.  

  • Fetch/Floating Toys

We believe that playing interactive games can improve the relationship with your pet and make him feel more comfortable. The toy is suitable for medium, small or larger dogs. It is made from non-toxic and eco-friendly materials. It won’t cause harm to pets’ health and will allow you to play without worry of mind.

The toy is bright in color that can entice the dog’s attention, stimulate senses, draw the dog’s eye, guide the dog to play games and assist in increasing their physical activity. This can keep dogs engaged and entertained!

  • LED Dog Collar

This collar for your pet can be charged from any device and have a capacity to runs for over 4 hours. Track your pet camping, in the backyard, on evening hikes, or if lost at night.

Makes use of high-end LED lights that shine brightly. It makes you and your dog visible even at dark and low lighting conditions! This LED dog collar can help vehicles see your dog in good time when it is dark. It will also protect your dog from dangers during night walks.

Waterproofing function that can be used even on rainy days. It is suitable for all conditions. It can also be used for camping and walking by wearing this dog collar. Flexible and comfortable for your pet.

  • Balling Away

This dog toy is a great way to play by bouncing high impact! Have fun playing fetch by the pool or lake due to its lightweight buoyant design. This is compatible for your dog.

Get ready to prepare for bonding and amusement with your dogs!

  • Bunny Ring

Stimulate your dog’s senses with this TPR ring. The comforting smell, chewable ring, squeaky ears and the soft colours guarantee hours of engaging play.

  • Foldaway Carrier

This portable dog carrier is constructed from durable polyester. It is able to be maintained in good condition with an additional support board. It also has a mesh that is breathable on two sides to guarantee a constant circulation of air within the bag.

  1. Dog Bone Shaped Silicone Pet Bowl Combo Black, For Small Dogs, Puppies

This is the pet-bowl combination for feeding and water for a pet’s four-legged, furry friend. Here, round bowls that are removable and made from sturdy stainless steel that will last for a long time.

Mat made of black silicone in the fun dog-bone design can absorb spills and gives the ability to walk the dog without slips. It is a great product for outdoor and indoor use easy to clean and assemble. great gift idea for brand new pet owners

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